Welcome to my Teak-it & more website!

Take your time and have a look at the vast range of garden furniture Teak-it offers. Browse through our products and choose your favourites (at present product descriptions available in German only). We offer high quality furniture for fantastic prices.

You will find classic teak garden furniture, popular and modern woven garden furniture made of synthetics and a combination of aluminium and woven fabric as well as teak furniture combined with stainless steel.

Teak-it’s entire product range is already in stock and most of our products are readily available! All garden furniture and our in-Style products are on display in our show rooms.

For already 7 years now, my company Teak-It has been known for delivering excellent quality for your garden and also for offering the LEAST EXPENSIVE GARDEN FURNITURE IN AUSTRIA.

My Teak-it Price Philosophy

Customers keep asking why Teak-it is able to offer these low prices for such high quality products.

Only a few, but the most important reasons are:

  • Teak-it & more is a manufacturer and not a distributor. We have direct agreements with our manufactories and not with intermediaries. Thus there is no intermediary trade, which our customers directly benefit from!
  • Teak-it & more does not maintain expensive show rooms at top quality locations. Our show room is beautifully arranged but it is not located close to the city centre. However, this allows us to save money and set attractive prices for our customers.
  • Teak-it & more has established a highly efficient logistics chain. Furthermore, the entire administration remains in our own hands and is not done by external companies. This helps us save money and thus allows us to cut our prices.
  • Teak-it & more products are subject to thorough quality control prior to being packed in one of our manufactories. All products are being checked in-house by Teak-it’s employees. Thus we can reduce potential deficiencies to a minimum. So we save time and work and you save money!
  • Teak-it & more uses only high quality material to produce the furniture. Therefore, claims happen extremely rarely, which saves us costs and allows us to keep our prices low.

The entire team of Teak-it will be pleased to assist you in finding the perfect product for you!